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About Namdeo Maharaj: -
Namdeo, Jnanadev (Dnyaneswar), Eknath and Tukaram formed the famous Quartet of Devotees of Lord Vithoba of Pandharpur. And Namdeo was the earliest and perhaps the best known among them. Namdeo was born in 1270 AD at Narasi-Bamani in Parbhani District of Maharashtra. His parents were Damashet and Gonai. Namdeo and Jnanadev were contemporaries, and together they went on a pilgrimage to several parts of north India, spreading the message of god. Namdeo was blessed with a long life and he spent most of his time in Pandharpur, leading the life of a householder, with his wife and children. He attained samadhi in 1350 AD, at the age of 80. In his abhang-s (devotional songs), Namdeo has left a wealth of information on his life, philosophy and teaching. Namdeo (as also the other three of the Quartet) belonged to the great line of Nath-s in Maharashtra. Like the Dasa-s of Karnataka, they laid the foundation of the keertan sampradaya which gave birth to the Bhakti Movement in Maharashtra. 
"The keertan is a peculiarly Maharashtrian institution which has helped a great deal in popularising devotion to the Lord." Namdeo preached keertan (sankeertan) as the easiest method of attaining gods grace, and final emancipation. He advised his followers to perform it with detachment from things mundane, and in an attitude of absolute surrender to the Lord Almighty. It appears that Namdeos teaching had considerable influence on the Sikhs too, for some of his verses have been incorporated in their Holy Scripture, the Guru Granth Sahib. It is said that there is even a temple in the Punjab associated with Namdeos name. Namdeo wrote his abhang-s not only in Marathi, his mother-tongue, but in Hindi too. This helped his message reach far and wide. His abhang-s are very popular-- Bhaktajana vatsale (in this song Namdeo addresses the Lord as goddess Lakshmi); Majha bhava tujhey charani; Teertha Vitthala kshetra Vitthala; Deh jao athava raaho; Namacha gajar garje bheemateer; and Pandari nivasa sakhya Panduranga to mention a few. The core of his teaching was compassion to fellow human beings, and was aimed at the spiritual advancement of all sections, irrespective of caste, creed or gender. His followers included people of all castes and callings. It is no wonder therefore that Namdeo is considered the most famous of Maharashtras saint-poets.
Namdeoshimpi Group is aimed at giving information on the following: -

1) Evolution of caste system
2) history of the caste Namdeo Shimpi
3) Financial background of people of Namdeo Shimpi caste
4) Things that can be done to uplift the Namdeo Shimpi caste
5) Problem faced by an individual for being Namdeo Shimpi
6) Achievements of people belonging to Shimpi Community
7) Help Members find their lifepartner.


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